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Restaurant Musta LammasRestaurant Musta Lammas

An unforgettable experience in Kuopio!

Behind each course is our enthusiastic and innovative kitchen team lead by our head chef Jere Hakkarainen.

Our kitchen gets their inspiration from the multiple seasons that our food year offers us. The hype comes from the forests, fields and clean lakes in our Kuopio region.

The roof top garden on top of our restaurant and the magnificient local producers allows us to work with the best ingredients of the world. 

In 1862 the sturdy cellar vaults were built for the use of a brewery. After a few years Gustav Ranin started to produce beer in the facilities as well as the famous spirit Savon Wiina. In 1982 the gourmet sign was lifted upon the celler vaults. The restaurant was named Musta Lammas. Since then we have lead the culinary culture in Finland forward.

All drinks are professionally chosen to accompany the dishes for the full experience.

We welcome you to enjoy the most delicious experience!

Musta Lammas staff


European Region of Gastronomy 2020


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    Review us on tripadvisor

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