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Experience is a four course surprise menu which teases your every sense and celebrates the season inside seasons.

The diverse ingredients from producers from our gastronomic region and the surrounding nature, combined with our original way of cooking, brings the best out of the food.

An ode for the area and its gastronomy!

Please reserve about 2,5 hours for the experience.


Spring is the fourth season of our gastronmic year.

For our chefs spring is the beginning of the growing season and the time for new inspiration. Pirky and fresh sprouts and green flavours sizzle on the pans. This season is flavoured with seafood from around the world. This is also the time to enjoy all the deliciousness preserved last summer.

Musta Lammas spring is filled with sun energy!

Served with caramelized butter flavoured horseradish

PORCINI Riistavesi 10 €
Warm porcini pie with pickled savoij cabbage
and mushrooms from Kuoppaharju

PIKE PERCH from Kallavesi 24 €
Fried pike perch with roasted celeriac and lobster sauce

Local farmers LAMB 27 €
Served with roasted sunroot and pickled cucumber

CHEESE 4 €/ piece
Cheese from the best cheese producers.
Served with our own jam and crackers.

Lemon PIE  11 €
Served with meringue 

BREAD 5 €/ basket
Selection of freshly baked breads with spreads.

ALL 66 € / person
taste the whole menu! Served only to whole table party


Please inform us about possible special diets or food allergies prior to the event.
That way we are able to create a tasteful experience with perfect quality for each guest.

We are happy to make you also vegetarian or vegan menu.
Please let us know this at least 48 hours prior to the event.


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