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Restaurant Musta LammasMusta Lammas

An unforgettable experience!

Every course is prepared from start to finish in our own kitchen using the best seasonal ingredients. The frequent changes in our Menu Surprise and Menu Musta Lammas allow you to enjoy new flavours each time. Restaurant Musta Lammas has been approved by the Chaine des Rotisseurs.

The restaurant is situated in old cellar vaults built in 1862.
A few years later Gustav Ranin took over and started brewing beer. Here they started the production of the famous spirit Savon Wiina. Up to the 1970's the vaults where used by Ranin Brewery to entertain their guests.

Restaurant Musta Lammas was opened in 1982. It quickly built a reputation of being one of the best restaurants in Finland.


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    Review us on tripadvisor

    We like to think that we do everything that we can to ensure that you enjoy your dinner at Musta Lammas. We’d like you to tell us and others things that we are doing well, and any areas that you think we could improve upon.

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